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The Asian American musical artist, Kaiwin, is in the photo. He is on the beach on a golf cart. Kaiwin is smiling and there are palm trees behind him. There is a boat in the far distance with green railing near the water. Kaiwin is wearing a varsity jacket and playboy long sleeve shirt.

About Kaiwin

Born and raised in Dallas, Philong Nguyen, professionally known as Kaiwin, began his musical journey with the release of his debut single "Bitter Taste." Kaiwin grew up loving hip-hop and pop music from a young age. The 21-year-old attends the University of Texas at Austin and passionately expresses his pure thoughts and emotions through a variety of melodic beats. The young MC has paved his path by developing a strong fanbase through Tiktok and Instagram and continues to grow and expand his discography.

"Along with his mission to climb the charts, Kaiwin seeks to crush the stigma associated with the Asian population in America"

Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

"The contrast between the beat and lyrics reminds me of upbeat feel and heartfelt lyrics"


Kaiwin is playing a blue guitar. He has black hair and is wearing blue jeans. He is also wearing blue obsidians Jordan 1s, a fashionable sneaker. There is a blue vase with a painted blue plant. On the left there is a blue frame with a blue picture that is on top of a mini blue table.

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